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Open beta in September for Battlefield 2042
by PN038 2021-08-17 16:15:03
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Hello dear community!

I have gathered some information about the Battlefield 2042 beta access in September and will share it with you!

Battlefield 2042: When does the beta end?
The beta for Battlefield 2042 will end on 16 September 2021 at around 4pm. At least that's the preliminary information. We don't know yet if you'll get any in-game benefits in the final release if you participated in the beta.

Preload: When can I download the beta?
In order for you to be able to participate in the Battlefield 2042 beta on time, developer DICE is offering you a preload. The preload will be available from the following date, provided EA doesn't change these plans again:

Preload from 3 September 2021 at 10am German time.
Registration: How do I take part in the beta?
To participate in the open beta of Battlefield 2042, you have two options:

Early-Access: To have earlier access to the beta on 4 September, you have to pre-order Battlefield 2042. Then the client will be unlocked for you earlier.
Open Access: Every player can participate from 6 September. Just look for the client via Steam or Origin as soon as the runway is free.

Early Access for EA Play subscribers: Those who have or take out an EA Play subscription will also be able to enjoy the so-called beta of Battlefield 2042 earlier. Here, too, there is no exact date yet.

10-hour trial: As a further bonus, EA Play subscribers can look forward to a free trial version of Battlefield 2042, which they can play for 10 hours before the official release. The more or less free trial is already available from 15 October, one week before the official launch.

Whether this only applies to EA Play Pro subscriptions or also to the version of EA Play that is currently included in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription unfortunately remains unclear at the moment. Normally, the 10-hour limit does not apply to the Pro version.

Since the rumours about a Game Pass release of Battlefield 2042 are persistent, it would also be conceivable that there is also the possibility for everyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription to start earlier in the Open Beta.

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